We all know the saying, “You get what you pay for!”.  It seems to be the case more and more these days across all consumer products.  It just doesn’t seem they make anything like they use to.  That is because they don’t!  Everyone is trying to cut costs, use cheaper products and make more money.

Outdoor lighting on house in Nolensville, TN

Just remember, you have control over this by choosing the outdoor lighting company you work with and the products they install.  Don’t be fooled by cheaper quotes and gimmicks about overpriced competition.  When you use a professional installer you are expecting high quality products, incredible customer service and warranties they stand behind.  This does all come at a higher up front cost though.  The reality is, it all costs the same in the end, it’s just a matter of how you get there.  Why not spend the money up front and have a hassle free system with a company that 100% stands behind their work.  You can pay less now, but then many service calls later and some new fixtures that were “damaged” you are now up to the original price a quality professional company initially quoted you.  Add in all that extra time you had to arrange service calls and nights you went without your lighting and now it has cost you more $$. 

Light TN uses products from the best manufacturers in the United States that are made with the highest quality products available.  We have chosen these products after our own rigorous testing and a tried and true relationship with the manufacturing company.  Couple that with our annual service program and your system will be shining night after night with no repair costs ever needed. 

While the quality of the product is extremely important, the design and installation are integral parts of a high value and quality system.  Our owner and founder is the driving force behind every project and is the one doing the design, the install and the follow ups.  He takes pride in keeping quality at the highest standard.  We do this by keeping our teams small, which keeps our quality high as only the best crew members are always working on your project.  

Murfreesboro Up Lighting

Outdoor lighting systems are great investments to any property.  There are inexpensive and easy ways to installing a new system, however, those systems will not last long and often cause numerous problems and outages.    Learn more on our blog post, You Get What You Pay For.

Light TN is here to make that process as easy as possible and give you the peace of mind of knowing your property will look the best it can night after night with no hassle or additional costs.  If you are looking for the best lighting investment you can do for your property, view our lighting gallery or, give Daryl at Light TN a call today 615-808-8882 to schedule a consultation or discuss some options to put some light on your property. 

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