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The Future of Celebration

Celebrate year - round with state - of - art lighting and automation technology for your home, business or municipality. Creative venue developers, national brand managers, and proud homeowners collectively trust and celebrate with this amazing lighting innovation. Holidays are meant to be celebrate with your friends and family but putting lights on could be a time taking & risky process. Give yourself a break and be the property on the block with an innovative, classy and state of the art roof light system that is all controlled with an app on your phone. Celebrate EVERY holiday, each sports day, and of course that special local event that your community cares about with a customized look. Wow your friends and family while you enjoy your time with your loved ones, instead of the hassle of decoration.

A Happy Customer

Why should I spend the money on a permanent roofline solution?

What is your least favorite thing besides putting up holiday lighting?.......Taking them down! Now you don’t ever have to do that again. We have a product that disappears during the day as it takes on a crown molding look on the facia of your house. We color match the product to the facia color of your house for a true disappearing act that the HOA has no issue with.

Do you hire a company to put up lighting every year? We have found that the cost of putting lighting up every year with a local company is very costly. With this solution, the product and installation will pay for itself in 3.5 years and the technology and options of the looks it can create are updated quarterly. Since the technology is in the system, this allows you to have fresh new looks, and effects constantly to enhance your celebrations and constantly changing trends.

Why have we partnered with BlueHopper Technology?

  • Robust Bluetooth Mesh Technology
  • Schedules & Automation Enabled
  • Multi User Control with account management
  • Intuitive IOS, Android and Web App
  • Made of 90% Recycled Materials
  • 16 MILLION Color options
  • 1 Time Installation
  • 100% Reliable

And its green! The energy efficient LED lighting solution is very light on your pocket.


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Roof Line Lighting System Burns TN

Architecture lighting is the design and implementation of lighting systems, both natural and electric that illuminate building interiors and exteriors. These can be simple illumination for beautification, safety and security to very elaborate color changing systems to bring attention to your property or business.

Landscape lighting is the design and implementation of light systems designed to illuminateoutdoor spaces such as footpaths, gardens, patios, walkways, decks, fields, yards, landscape, hardscape and any other outdoor space that we can dream up to put lighting

Of course this can range by quite a bit depending on the scope of your project. Feel free to reach out for your FREE no obligation consultation today. The average 2000 sq ft, 2 story house with 10 up lights on it will cost around $2500 for a professionally installed, high quality system

We can discuss this during the design process with you as every
project has it’s challenges. On average, we finish an install the same day we start it. In fact, it usually will only take us a few hours to get it done. Our hard working, professional team takes a lot of pride in their work and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are just better, it’s that simple. We are family owned and operated. The people that do your design work will be at your installation and see it through to the end. We stand behind the products we use and the service we provide with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t collect any payment until the job is finished to your liking and your vision has been achieved. What other contractors do you know that do that?