Trenchless Wire Burial

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Trenchless Wire Burial and Boring

At Light TN, not only are we the best at lighting design and installation, we use our installation practices for other industries as well.  We offer trenchless wire burial and boring in the Middle TN area for fiber optics, Cat5 or Cat6, coaxial and any other low voltage direct burial wiring.  We can pull conduit or irrigation piping as well if needed.   

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Larry the Linelayer - Lineward L2 Linelayer

Line-Ward’s L2 Line Layer is the most compact, most maneuverable, most powerful walk behind lawn plow on the market. The L2’s cutting blade is positioned in the exact center of the machine. This maintains all of the L2’s weight directly over the blade rather than a small percentage of total weight as with the rear mounted blades on Ditch Witch and Vermeer walk behind plows. This also allows the L2 to easily make tighter turns than the competition as the entire unit pivots on the blade when turning.

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Boring Larry

The standard cutting blades for the L2 are adjustable from 4″ to 13″ depth settings by 1″ increments.

The BA2 Boring Attachment comes with 30 feet of bore rod which is enough to bore under approximately 25 feet of paved surface. Ground conditions often vary due to fill material under paved surfaces and can influence the direction and distance of the bore. 

Under normal conditions sprinkler pipe or conduit up to 1-1/4″ can be pulled using the L2 equipped with the standard Pull Blade which has a “bullet” or “head” of 1-3/4″ diameter. This creates an underground “tunnel” through which the pipe will be pulled. Soil type and moisture content may limit the blade’s ability to open up a clean tunnel, thus affecting the size and distance pipe can be pulled.

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