Quality is Key

Why are we better than the other guy you got a quote from?

Inception by BlueHopper was the first product on the market, they own over 35+ patents with roof line products and are by far the only forward facing lighting product on the market that actually looks great!

Of course everyone wants to be the biggest company out there.  People naturally assume if you are the biggest you must be the best.  What we have found is you don’t get the best when you go big.  We may be smaller than most companies, but we are THE BEST! 

With better prices, generally it means, cheaper quality products and that’s exactly the case with permanent lighting.  You will probably only use this a few times a year and when you want to turn it on, you want it to work.  Don’t waste your hard earned money with cutting a corner for the best price, there is a reason it is cheaper. 

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