Why is Light TN a Better Option Than the Other Landscape Lighting Companies in Nashville, TN?

With the massive housing boom that is happening across Middle TN, every contractor and his brother says they offer outdoor landscape lighting as one of their “professional” services.  Every lawn care provider or pool guy would be happy to make some extra money and install some “lights” for you.  They run off, buy the cheapest products they can find at their local landscape supply company and install a “professional” system for you for just a bit cheaper than a reputable landscape lighting company.  You saved a couple hundred dollars and got an outcome that looks mediocre and a product nobody can stand behind, because we all know, those cheap products will fail.  Below you will find 10 reasons why Light TN is Nashville’s premier outdoor lighting experts and why customers prefer to work with Light TN over our competition.

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1. Customer Service Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our reviews prove it!  We are a service provider and while we are Nashville’s lighting specialists, it is your property that we are working on and it is your vision we are here to accomplish.  We know that, and we will accomplish that.  We may guide you along the way, however, if you can dream it, we can create it.  We will work until you are happy and the vision has been accomplished (of course, it must be a realistic vision).  We do not collect any $$ upfront and only collect after the work has been completed and you are completely happy with the outcome.  

2. Local, Family Owned & Operated

So many of the local lighting companies are national franchise companies.  While they may be managed or owned by a local they have the support and structure of a national brand.  With that though comes the contracts they have with manufactures or distributors on using specific brands and products.  They are not a true custom design company.  They have cookie cutter designs and fixtures to use for their projects.  We are not held by any manufacture contracts and we pick and choose the right product for the job and design we have in mind to offer a true custom experience.  Often times they have labor workers that are just there to collect a paycheck and have no invested care in the company or project.  Light TN is owned, operated and ran by the Bentfield family.  We are the ones doing the designs, quotes, installs and maintenance.  

3. Quality products means longevity of system

Unlike most other companies in the Brentwood, Franklin, & Murfreesboro area, we have hand selected a broad range of products that we can stand behind and trust to accomplish the needs of our complex and artistic designs.  The products we use are high end, top tier fixtures that have stood the test of time and offer HASSLE-FREE lifetime warranties that many other companies can not offer.  When cheaper products are used, they are just that, CHEAPER!  They will fail sooner, the finish will not last, and you will end up paying more in the end with repeated maintenance calls and repairs over the course of the fixtures use. 

4. You deal with 1 person from beginning to end, the owner.

Daryl Bentfield is the owner, he’s the guy answering the phone, he does the installations, he does the designs.  He is currently a one man show with his wife by his side helping with the marketing and business functions.  They have chosen to operate this way to keep quality high and continually offer top tier service on every step of the lighting design and installation process.  There is not another outdoor lighting company in Middle TN that operates at this level of personal attention to every aspect of their projects.  

5. Every job is a custom design to your property's needs.

10 Light Package Deal, VOLT DIY Kit with spot lights and path lights, transformer & wire, just light the corners and columns.  These are NOT practices that Light TN follows.  Every single job we do is a custom design with your needs or intensions in mind.  We use specific fixtures to accomplish specific tasks.  You don’t use a screwdriver to pound in a nail do you?  While it may work, it’s not the best practice.  So while other companies use the same lights for every purpose, because they buy in bulk and that reduces their costs, they make more money, however, you the client, your design suffers due to the contractor not doing their diligence in offering you the best tool for the job.  So many companies have profit as their top priority as they have overhead to cover.  We focus on design and customer satisfaction, with that, the business will succeed. 

6. Accountability

We stand behind our workmanship and the products from the companies we have partnered with for a hassle-free lifetime warranty on most products.  We want nothing more than for your lighting experience to be the same way it was the first day you got it.  If something would happen during the installation process, such as irrigation line busted, or a plant ruined due to being trampled by mistake, we will take care of it on our end.  We correct our mistakes if they are made and take responsibility of anything that may go wrong while we are on your property.  We don’t cover up mistakes or laziness hoping you as the customer doesn’t notice.  It blows my mind everyday how so many contractors do this.  

7. Lighting is ALL we do.

We do not do any landscaping, lawn mowing, hardscaping or any other services besides lighting.  Lighting is all we do and we are the best at it.  Our owner is part of the AOLP (Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals), is currently working on his COLD (Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer) certification which is a 2 year process as well as working with other professional organizations to educate and help grow the lighting industry.  

8. We are a small business. When you call, you talk to the us, the owners.

“Light TN, this is Daryl” OR “Light TN, this is Gina.”  Those will be the words you hear every time you call us!  We are the owners, operators, designers and installers.  We do it this way as we are control freaks, not really, but we have a very high standard of quality and we will be sure those are met with every client of ours from the first phone call to when the truck drives away from adjusting the last light. 

9. We don't want to be the biggest, we strive to be the best!

We take a lot of pride in being a small company that focuses on top tier customer service and building a long relationship with our clients.  We have done multiple houses for many clients of ours.  As they grow from one house to a larger one, we are there to support them in their lighting needs.  We enjoy those relationships, in fact, we prefer them, not only for the continued support but for the bond that happens between our company and our clients.  

10. Transparent & Honest

We will sit down and talk through all options with you and work to achieve your desired outcome.  If we are not the right fit for what you are looking. for or we can not provide the right product for your property, we will recommend you to a company that is better suited for your needs.  If we can not beat a competitors price for the same product, we will tell you.  We are in the business to provide a top tier service at an affordable price and stand behind the work that we do.  You are not a lighting expert, nor do we expect you to be, but everyone should deserve a beautiful lit property. 

Educating yourself about the artistic approach of lighting can be challenging.  Luckily, you have access to a trained professional at Light TN who can beautify your property the right way. Hope these tips will help you stay away from shady contractors and avoid common outdoor lighting mistakes.

At Light TN, we have years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. Contact us today to get started on your own outdoor lighting project!

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